Project Description

CREDAI Rajasthan stands for CONFEDERATION OF REAL ESTATE DEVELOPERS’ ASSOCIATION OF INDIA, Rajasthan. It is an association of private real estate developers based in Rajasthan, INDIA.

The client wanted an informative website with a corporate design and a cultural touch of Rajasthan. The main aim of the website was to keep all the members of the association updated with the latest news and laws of the real estate business in Rajasthan. What they wanted next was to store the list of all the members of CREDAI, Rajasthan along with their necessary contact details.

They wanted us to create a website that’s simple to use and easy to update content on the web so that they could share all the news and events with the customers and the members. So, our team designed a special custom control panel for them to make it easy to manage the website on their own.

It was a challenging job for us to finish in a given time period of 35 days. The timeline was tight due to CREDAI’S inauguration ceremony after 35 days. We delivered the project right before they cut the ribbon and their compliment was “That’s what is called Teamwork”